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Song of the post:

(Kyosuke Himuro feat Gerard - Safe ans Sound)

Hey, my fellow sufferers ;)

"It is like an addiction..."

No, wait,... what am I telling you...? - It IS definitely a major addiction...

The thing, I am talking about are those wonderful creations, called FRERARD - stories...

We all know them, we all love them. And sometimes we are the lucky readers who get in touch with those few talented writers, who leave a mark and an impression inside our skulls, which simply will never be erased...

Regarding my previous posts, I guess those are the lucky ones, who truly found THEIR THING / THEIR KEY TO HAPPINESS...

So, here are my three favourite (long-chaptered) stories when it comes to Frank Iero & Gerard Way:

1 # - Desiderata

Desiderata is a long, german story, but still in progress. It is my favourite Frerard and totally worth reading. I hope it will be available in English one day. It is posted on 'fanfiction.de'.
Summary (translated):
Frank works as an attendant in a psychiatric clinic. After a suicide-attempt, Gerard Way is admitted to this clinic, because he ist highly suicidal and deranged. Frank develops feelings for Gerard while trying to find out how Gerard could end up like this and makes a dreadful discovery...


2 # - The Dove Keeper

I think most of you have at least heard of TDK. This story is wonderful. What triggered me the most, is the big age-difference between Gee and Frankie. There is so much truth and philosophy in this story... Emily James Ray truly manages to make us crave a relationship like the one being portrayed in 'The Dove Keeper'.
(It's up here on LJ ;)


3 # - We are all full of lies

Although this a 'mibba-story', I feel I have to recommend it here. (The author even met MCR). The story is also in progress, but every chapter is really inventive. The author manages to keep up a high tension throughout the whole story and there are things happening, you could never have imagined... A great piece of work to be proud of, but at the same time authentic and easily and fluently to read. If you have a mibba-account, I highly recomment this one too.
Define: Addiction - Being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, which can lead to abnormally strong cravings.

There is a thin line between love and addiction...when you're addicted, you'll do anything to get your fix...But what is the cost when your best friend becomes the addiction? Will they be the one to take away the pain, or just end up being the cause?


~> So that's it... That's kinda' my addiction too ;)

I read a lot of Frerard stories (even in different languages), but of course I am aware, that there are so many more great ones, written by equally talented authors out there...
But (as I said before): Those are my personal 3 favourites, because they actually made something 'snap' inside of me.

Their writers managed to keep me thinking at least a tiny bit more about my life while reading this amazing literature (not 'just' fanfiction).
- That's totally what forms a good story for me. -

"I am always amazed, how much truth lies in fiction."

~> Feel free to comment, ... feel free to recommend ;)



And all my hopes and dreams
Aren't for anyone
I keep them safe and sound

And hope this picture is
Not yours anymore
But can you hear me now?

Now thats okay man
I'll say it across this land,
You should've kissed me baby

So try and stop me
Or so forgive this light
'Cuz I can't beg all night

Until my heart stops beating
You'll never hear me say
I won't kiss you

If I say,
It's lost its beating
If I can't find my way
It's over now

But I won't
Walk away

Until the day
(Whoa, whoa)
I'm never backing down
(Whoa, whoa)
And hear me say
(Whoa, whoa)
I'll keep it safe and sound
(Whoa, whoa)
I'll keep it safe and

This hopeless feeling
This fear of falling down
But I'm not crashing now

For all this bleeding
It wasnt worth the sound
A million screaming out

And still
The earth comes reeling
The curtain calls my name
I'm not afraid

And I know
You may not miss me
But I am not ashamed
The choice I made

But I can't
Let this go

Until the day
(Whoa, whoa)
I'm never backing down
(Whoa, whoa)
Just hear me say
(Whoa, whoa)
I'll keep it safe and sound
(Whoa, whoa)
I'll keep it safe and

No dashing car
Or a dying star
Thats raced into the ground

Like the final words
Of the passengers
Will the angels give it all?

Were the world
Watch us fall...


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Jun. 1st, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
this is an awesome recc=]] totally agreeing with you on TDK, that fic was absolutely amazing. I'm waiting for the day that woman gets it published so I can buy five copies of the book then ten more lol.

I'm totally wishing I could speak german now so I could read that first one haha and i'm totally gonna read the one from mibba=]] thankew!!
Jun. 1st, 2010 09:21 am (UTC)
Thank you :)

...and special thanks for the first comment!

concerning TDK:
I thought the same thing and I found out that you can buy it as a book in paperback (for around 17$) over the site lulu.com.(http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-dove-keeper/3001726).
You can also download it there, which would be another possibility, if you are from a foreign country... (around 4$).

Emily James Ray is from Canada, right?

So, I guess she already found a way of publishing it ;)
Oh and: Of course the names had 2 be changed in the published version...Frank is 'Thomas' and Gerard is 'Bernard' :))

I would have bought it too, but my Paypal account doesn't work, so I just downloaded the original...


Jun. 3rd, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
Re: Fanfiction
thats amazing I will so look into buying the edited version, just in case she decided to make some other changes to the plot and whatnot (ps, "bernard" made me smile).

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